Jeep Wrangler

Make your Jeep Wrangler look brand new!

Vinyl Magic® is the best detailing product on the market to restore/polish your Jeep Wrangler's faded trim. Bring back the deep dark color to your Jeep's bumpers, side panels, and bed lining.

Vinyl Magic® was invented to restore the color and shine to exterior automotive vinyl surfaces. Vinyl Magic® is the best product on the market to restore faded vinyl surfaces such as: bumpers, door handles, cowl (under windshield) vent, side moldings. Use Vinyl Magic® to get your vehicles a “ready to sell” or just make them look like new again.

Vinyl Magic® restores the color and shine to:

  • Faded bumpers, door handles, mirror backs, cowl vents, windshield wiper arms.
  • Vinyl Magic® works on all vehicles, cars, trucks, SUV’s, any vehicle with black vinyl cladding on the exterior surfaces.
  • Laboratory tests prove that Vinyl Magic® does not wash away after the first car wash or even the 10th car wash.
  • Vinyl Magic® makes auto vinyl surfaces look like new again and greatly enhances the overall look of your vehicle.
  • $1.30 per application cost per vehicle (1/2 ounce per application) makes Vinyl Magic® a great value.

We are here to help!

Vinyl Magic quickly improves the look of a car or truck's exterior trim.  Lots of products make the outside of your vehicle look shiny, but most polishes simply fade away after a few days (or the first rainstorm). Vinyl Magic penetrates deep into your vehicle's exterior trim to bring out that new car look. This formula is easy to put on and will keep your vehicle looking great for months!

Try us out and if you are not 100% convinced let us know and we'll refund your total purchase + any shipping (no questions asked)!