Using Vinyl Magic

Vinyl Magic® is the best product on the market for exterior vinyl trim/molding rejuvenation. One half ounce will treat an average vehicle; which means most customers get 16 treatments out of a single bottle! Most treatments will last two to three months (twice as long as our competitors)!

Vinyl Magic® works on: Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, Boats, Motorcycles, Personal Watercraft, Outdoor Vinyl Signs and Airplanes.

Where to use Vinyl Magic®:

Exterior molding and trim on your vehicle:

  • Door handles
  • Side cladding
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Exterior mirrors
  • Moldings
  • Auto trim
  • Graphics
  • Running boards
  • Steps and bed liners.

Vinyl Magic is not recommended for interior surfaces; use on exterior services only.

Other uses for Vinyl Magic®:

  • Hard Plastic Surfaces Side Plastic Trim between window glass
  • Rubber Molding Around Exterior Windows, Trim and/or Accents. These materials can start to dry out and discolored appearance. Vinyl Magic® can clean and seal the surface and bring back the original color and shine.

Surface Prep or removal of dried Vinyl Magic®: Wash and dry surface thoroughly. You may use Isopropyl alcohol or lacquer thinner to remove any dirt and or previous dressings or coatings. We suggest you pre-test all cleaner products in a small inconspicuous area first. Rewax painted surfaces if needed. Then use Directions #1 below.

Please Note: Vinyl Magic® will work on all vinyl surfaces unless they have been physically damaged or previously painted.

It’s important for Vinyl Magic® to absorb into the vinyl. Allow to dry or cure for 2-4 hours before getting wet or washing. If it is not allowed to dry, water may cause minor streaking. If this should happen, just reapply where needed. A second coat may be applied if needed.

Shake bottle well. Make sure the vinyl surface is clean and dry before application. Apply a small amount of Vinyl Magic® straight from the bottle onto one of our applicator sponges or a blue mechanic’s type paper towel. Rub in a circular motion then finish going in another direction, i.e., right to left then up and down. This ensures a thin, even finish. Use a dry micro-fiber towel to remove any excess on other surfaces. Follow instructions for cleanup.

Clean-up of sponge: Wash sponge with mild dish soap and water and lay flat to dry for future use. If using Mechanic’s type (blue) towel material, soak in a container of water for several hours before disposing of. Protective latex gloves may be used, but they should be laid flat for 24 hours then disposed of. Wash micro-fiber towel separately with detergent and allow to dry.

Please note that Vinyl Magic® is for exterior use only.

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