Vinyl Magic® was invented to restore the color and shine to automotive vinyl surfaces. Vinyl Magic®is the best product on the market to restore faded vinyl surfaces such as: bumpers, door handles, cowl (under windshield) vent, side moldings. Use Vinyl Magic® to get your vehicles a “ready to sell” or just make them look like new again. Vinyl Magic® restores the color and shine to:

  • Faded bumpers, moldings
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    and cladding, door handles, mirror backs, cowl vents, windshield wiper arms.

  • Vinyl Magic® works on all vehicles, cars, trucks, SUV’s, any vehicle
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    with black vinyl cladding on the exterior surfaces.

  • Laboratory tests prove that Vinyl Magic® does not wash away after the first car wash or even the 10th car wash.
  • Vinyl Magic® makes auto vinyl surfaces look like new again and greatly enhances the overall look of your vehicle.
  • $1.30 per application cost per vehicle (1/2 ounce per application) makes Vinyl Magic® a great value.